Plastic Surgery: Mental Impact with Surgeons

Plastic Surgery and Increasing number of individuals wanting to look beautiful 

It is said and also known that natural beauty is usually the best. One must try to be comfortable the most in their own skin. Perfection is severely overrated and imperfection is majorly underrated. However, the increase in the number of people wanting to look beautiful or better than their current look is opposing this seemingly just an idealistic notion.  The quest and need for the physical evolvement and enhancement are not stopped till any particular gender, age or ethnicity. Although the cosmetic plastic surgery industry is still female dominated, a significant rise in the number of male participants recently has been seen. According to the latest Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Statistics Report, a total of 15.1 million cosmetic surgery procedures including both surgical & minimally invasive treatments were performed back in 2016 which is almost 30% more than the previous year. But apparently what has topped in the cosmetic plastic surgery category has to be double eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty with both men and women. These categories along with the very known and popular facelift, liposuction and breast increment for women and chest diminution for men.


Popular Non-Invasive Cosmetic Enhancements

Some of the most popular procedures across the global are procedures that are non-invasive this means that these are procedures that do not require surgical cuts and still offer a enhanced look. Botox in Calgary and Botox in Vancouver are some of the most popular procedures among both genders. Fillers in Calgary and Fillers in Vancouver are popular among woman that are interested in enhancing their facial appearance. 

Why are people more inclining towards Plastic surgery?

There are many social shaming and stigmas that sometimes force people who have undergone such surgeries to hide it. More so often they are treated as outsiders who just want to be the definition of perfect and are too self-obsessed. However, a lot of the population that is ridiculed for undergoing a surgery has to do it for some reasons other than just enhancing or giving a boost to their looks.

Sometimes, the same people shaming others of “how bad they look” physically are the same people to ridicule them for undergoing a cosmetic plastic surgery to “enhance their look”. They are often seen telling them that they can never be as “perfect” as others no matter how much they try. In reality, these people are nothing more than bullies who either take privileges in looking down upon people or do so to satisfy them and ensure their “superiority”.

Tummy Tuck in Calgary and Rhinoplasty in Vancouver are some of the hottest procedures in the recent years data has shown. Liposuction and Coolsculpting in Vancouver are popular procedures for older women.   

Plastic Surgery: A cure to bullying?

A new Canadian-based startup, PlasticSpot, in the plastic surgery and beauty space is trying to solve the issue of bullying and discrimination. They are currently servicing a few cities in Canada, including Vancouver and Toronto and have a vision for the future of zero discrimination throughout society. For those who are victims of such bullies, undergoing surgery is more than just an appearance enhancement to them. It is the repairing and upliftment of the broken and downtrodden self-esteem and self-image.

For men, sometimes any sports injuries that have left any kind of mark on their face or some serious harm are one of the reasons for them to undergo cosmetic plastic surgery. Some of the more unfortunate ones go through serious and extensive cosmetic surgeries after facing more fatal injuries. However, we are not saying that males are not the victim to bullying.

However, this does not alter or pulls a curtain on those people who undergo cosmetic plastic surgery for much lesser serious reasons than those mentioned above. Some people, undergo cosmetic surgeries to improve their body image, much younger look or maybe sometimes to seek their partner’s validation.


Psychological effects of cosmetic plastic surgery

Some people feel extremely bad about their body. Check out this video by Only Human:

The psychological effect after having a cosmetic surgery can be both positive and negative depending mainly upon the people who have undergone the process. The positive psychological effect as observed and told by the researchers have mainly been the positive self-body image, the higher rate of self-confidence, feeling much better about themselves, lessen anxiety, healthier and finding themselves much more attractive.

However, this is not the case for all of those who underwent the same process. Sometimes, controversies happen when undergoing a cosmetic surgery. Some of the people who underwent surgery were just unsatisfied with their looks post surgery and would much rather now suggest going for therapy rather than surgeries.

So, if you would want to undergo a plastic cosmetic surgery or not is completely your decision but must be based on facts that things can go wrong, the process is not always rain and sunshine!


Pros And Cons Of How Plastic Surgery Can Affect Your Life

Plastic surgery is one of the medical treatments that fulfills the purpose of altering or reshaping of the body. The cosmetic surgeries are the most popularly known type of plastic surgeries in the world. These surgeries not only focus on enhancing the looks of the body parts but also in the repairing of damage to the body. People all around the world both male and female have plastic surgeries each year. Although, with several benefits, plastic surgery also has some adverse effects.


  • Plastic surgeries are a great method to give your body an enhanced look. The surgery has many effects on the body including tightening up of loose skin, clearing out the wrinkles on the face, and even in the most advanced stages can even replace your face and give it a completely new look.
  • Often people suffer from low confidence issues because they do not have an appealing appearance. With plastic surgery, people give a more pleasing look to their body and can walk with enhanced confidence level around the world.
  • Increased confidence levels and better looks promote better relations with their partners. Often people do feel that their partners judge them because they do not have a better appearance and feel low. These surgeries can boost their confidence and help them regain healthy relationships.
  • Plastic surgeries are great for several medical reasons and provide solutions for many health issues. An example of it is to get a lift in the forehead that reduces a headache.


  • Plastic surgeries are one of the most expensive medical treatments that one can have. In several cases, even the medical insurances are not able to cover the expenditure and hence, it leads to spending up of lots of money.
  • Similar to other types of treatments, plastic surgeries also can lead to lots of complications. Infections, tissue damage, and scaring are the few issues that arise in the body after the plastic surgery.
  • It may happen that people do not get the results that they were expecting from the surgery. In such case, the money, time, and the efforts all go in vain. Moreover, they have to make more expenses in order to retain the previous look.
  • Plastic surgeries can leave long-lasting adverse effects on the body. Scars and numbness are the most common effects seen in the body.
  • There are chances that your body might reject the treatment and you have to go through a whole another treatment to make the remedies.


Types of plastic surgery procedures

Plastic surgeries can be both cosmetic and reconstructive. Both have different effects on the body and have a different procedure. The most common types of cosmetic surgeries include

  • Laser treatments, injection of fillers, and Botox use for rejuvenation of the face
  • Facelift surgery to give an enhanced look to the face
  • Liposuction is another form that focuses on the surgery of lips.
  • Breast surgery and Rhinoplasty

Whereas the most commonly performed reconstructive surgeries are,

  • Craniofacial surgery deals to remove deformities of various parts of the body including head, face, and neck.
  • Palate surgery is another form of reconstructive surgery that fills the holes in the mouth.
  • Reconstructive surgeries prove to be highly effective in the reconstruction of the damaged tissues of the body.
  • Several damaged and broken limbs are also fixable through reconstructive surgeries.
  • Reconstructive surgeries also prove effective in the reconstruction of patients who have undergone tumor removal treatment.

Although there are many good and bad effects of the plastic surgery, the decision of having one lies solely with you. However, before going through a plastic surgery and investing in them heavily one must consider all the positive and negative aspects of the surgery and the fact that how well their body can accept the effects of the treatment.


The TTC is making a special announcement regarding plastic surgery and how it should be taken lighting rather than strictly. People of Toronto still look down upon plastic surgery because they feel they should not be changing the way they look because God gave them this look, therefore, they must live with it. We as a human civilization have come very far and if our people feel insecure about themselves we should be able to allow them to change themselves to feel much better. The reasoning behind this is actually quite simple everyone on planet earth has to meet the grim reaper one day or another there is no escaping this fact. Therefore why not be happy when you are here in other words why not live your best life while you are on this plant. It only makes sense to allow this. We need to stop judging and accepting we have been adding more and more people to the TTC and we are looking forward to being able to do talks around Toronto.

Some people still don’t understand what we are doing or they think what we are doing is wrong because we are destroying natural beauty or we are encouraging people to say no you do not look “right” therefore you must get plastic surgery to look “right”. This is not the case as the word looking normal is changing and it is a very relative person to person. Therefore it is not good to say this type of stuff to someone. However, we are looking past this and seeing the world for how it is and the way it is right now we believe we should allow people to be themselves even if it means changing them just because they feel uncomfortable. All in all we are taking a step forward one step at a time.