The TTC is making a special announcement regarding plastic surgery and how it should be taken lighting rather than strictly. People of Toronto still look down upon plastic surgery because they feel they should not be changing the way they look because God gave them this look, therefore, they must live with it. We as a human civilization have come very far and if our people feel insecure about themselves we should be able to allow them to change themselves to feel much better. The reasoning behind this is actually quite simple everyone on planet earth has to meet the grim reaper one day or another there is no escaping this fact. Therefore why not be happy when you are here in other words why not live your best life while you are on this plant. It only makes sense to allow this. We need to stop judging and accepting we have been adding more and more people to the TTC and we are looking forward to being able to do talks around Toronto.

Some people still don’t understand what we are doing or they think what we are doing is wrong because we are destroying natural beauty or we are encouraging people to say no you do not look “right” therefore you must get plastic surgery to look “right”. This is not the case as the word looking normal is changing and it is a very relative person to person. Therefore it is not good to say this type of stuff to someone. However, we are looking past this and seeing the world for how it is and the way it is right now we believe we should allow people to be themselves even if it means changing them just because they feel uncomfortable. All in all we are taking a step forward one step at a time.