About Us

Toronto Transition Commission  (TTC) is a committee developed for a smooth transition between normality and plastic surgery. As you must have seen plastic surgery is becoming less of an issue or people do not look down upon it. This causes for a debate and brings up many questions such as will plastic surgery be normal in our society in the future? As of now, the state of California is already accepting plastic surgery and it is not a big deal if an individual decides to get in. Everyone has some sort of insecurity and if they have a chance to fix it why not give it to them. We believe there can be a world where everyone looks “perfect” if they want to. However, one may argue want perfection really is a study was done saying perfection in beauty is symmetry. Allowing the individual to change their body parts how they like because they feel uncomfortable is a huge part and its sorta changing the world. Getting rid of external factors completely to the point where everyone will be judged by there true value.


We in Toronto are trying to develop a better world for the people in Toronto because we want them to feel comfortable and not being judged. Our job is to make a smooth transition between having a feature you are normally born with and plastic surgery. We just want the people of Toronto to feel comfortable however most importantly we want them to be able to make there own choices and if this means they feel like they want to change how a body part looks on them so be it they should be allowed to do this without any interpretations. All in all TTC is looking to cause a real movement in Canada and bring a lot of success here.